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Demolition and Debris Removal in Napa, Sonoma and Marin County

Have your existing structure demolished on-time with the care and expertise of our Industry leading demolition contractors. From single family homes to large commercial facilities, we handle any size project with precision and care.

Call the best Concrete Demolition Contractor in Napa, Sonoma and Marin County when you need a cement driveway, cement patio, or your garage floors demoed. Keep in mind that the company has to know how to do more than operate a jackhammer and employees need more than a strong back since this is a challenging task. When you need high quality concrete demolition performed within your budget we are the company that you should call. Our demolition and concrete hauling removal experts understand what comes along with breaking concrete. They even know where your water pipe and gas and electric lines are located to insure that they do not cause you other unnecessary expenses.

What Could Go Wrong with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Home Demolition?

  1. As with any DIY project involving tools and destruction, things can go wrong—some of which can seriously injure you.
  2. If you take out a load-bearing wall, the structure could become unstable and collapse.
  3. If old paint was used in the area, there could be lead present, and drywall can also produce a very fine dust that irritates the eyes and lungs.
  4. Regardless of how strong or proficient in demo work you are, DIY demolition is seriously draining work. Tearing, lifting, ripping, pulling—all of this puts a strain on your body.
  5. Demolition is quite the mess. Dust, nails, debris, grime—all of this will need to be disposed of properly if you decide to handle the demolition yourself.
  6. Irreversible damage can be done, affecting the overall look of your new kitchen and property in general.

Our Residential and Commercial Demolition service includes, but is not limited to, the following home improvement projects:

  • Deck and patio demolition
  • Kitchen demolition
  • Cabinet demolition and removal
  • Bathroom demolition
  • Carpet and flooring removal
  • Shed demolition and removal services
  • Playset demolition and removal
  • Yard furniture and debris removal
  • Office cubicle removal
  • Drywall removal
  • Furniture removal