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Custom Design Hardscaping Services in Napa, Sonoma and Marin County

With plenty of tile types to select from, Group Infinity Construction offers unparalleled levels of personalization, ensuring that no two projects will be exactly the same.

With custom hardscaping, the success of a project is based on the designer's ability to communicate successfully with the customer. If they go into the project without a transparent awareness of what the customer's vision is, the final product will be far from perfect. Because of this, at the start, Group Infinity Construction takes care to maintain a clear line of communication between customers and staff; that way we can fully understand your dream.

Enhance Your Property With Hardscaping

Hardscaping is a wonderful solution for anyone looking to add features to their property which aren't necessarily plants. A well-placed water feature, elegant walkway, or stone terrace is an excellent addition to any house.

We frequently recommend hardscaping as a way to highlight existing features of your lawn, but there's no reason why it can't shine by itself. Stonework can serve as a means to frame a particularly lovely portion of your backyard and a well-constructed stone pathway can draw visitors into an area of your lawn that you're hoping to draw attention to. In other words, hardscaping has a lot of benefits make it an perfect choice for homeowners looking to bring a little something extra to their property.

Whether you've got an idea formed in your head, or you're looking for some advice, we will be pleased to work with you. Our expert team provides support from begin to finish on jobs of all sizes, however simple or complicated they are. Our business is helping enhance the gardens and outdoor areas of homes, so we look forward to discussing how we can do just that for you!

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